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Joel C

hired Phan as a IT Consultant in 2008 , and hired Phan more than once

“Phan worked very well with the people in our office. His manner of resolving issues with our PCs is confident without being condescending, and efficient without being deficient. He is now our go-to guy for IT needs.” July 2, 2008

Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Expert

Jim S
hired Phan as a IT Consultant in 2006 , and hired Phan more than once

“Phan did an excellent job for my firm. Worked efficiently and knew exactly what needed to be done. Very personable and reliable.” July 2, 2008

Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , On Time


Tracy quickly diagnosed the problem we were having: 2 of 3 laptops we use at home on wireless network would not print.  The fix for one of the laptops seemed to be relatively easy and quick.  The other, however, took some time but Tracy was able to find the problem and fix it.  This was impressive because another Angies List technician we had out previously was stumped and could not find or fix the problem.  For the hour that Tracy was at our home he also readjusted settings on the newest laptop to make it run faster and eliminate a periodic buzzing noise that came when several programs were opened and running at the same time.  Tracy was very easy to communicate with and explained things well.  I will definintely change to using NBS for now on.

Julie W. T: Thank you for rescuing me yesterday!!! My computer went from not turning on to fully functional thanks to you! Thanks for being trustworthy, professional, and for the occasional computer miracle!!

Called him because I needed my computer fixed. He told me that he could fix it. However, he also said that it would be broken again in six months. He advised me that getting a new computer was my best bet. It is rare to find someone so honest that he is willing to give up a job for the sake of the customer.
My old computer crashed and I called NBS. I asked if someone could come out that day—–it was about 4 pm. Amazingly enough, Jaiman came to our house and worked and worked and worked several hours. Sadly, he could not get the computer working again. He did, however, set up our new netbook with a wireless connection using our new router. This job, too, proved more difficult because the router manufacturer and AT&T will not work together without a fight. He took the hard disc back to NBS where Phan worked on it and was able to recover the most important data and transfer it to the backup disc Phan advised us to buy. (Naturally, we bought the backup disc immediately so that perhaps we would not make the same mistake again.) Today, Phan transferred the rest of my data on the backup disc to my netbook, merging files.
I am thrilled that Phan and Jaiman were not only able to help, but also were pleasant, sympathetic, and not condescending, as many tech people can be——-especially when one calls for support. They did not sneer when I confessed I had not been backing up my data. But they very kindly said that I should have a backup system from now on because many companies like theirs charge thousands of dollars. I am sure that they charged me a very low price, considering all the work they did and the expertise they have. This disaster proved to be much less painful because Phan and Jaiman are such kind people. They gave us extremely helpful advice on the type of backup system to buy, keeping us from floundering and spending more than we needed to

Mara Phan: Thank you for great work, incredible integrity and exceptional know-how. We really appreciate NBS and your professional team. Your friends at Sandbox Solutions .

Phan was fantastic. He was professional, punctual, very knowledgeable, and delivered outstanding service. He was able to explain what happened to the drive, and what he did to recover our data without all the tech-speak. My wife and I were extremely statisfied, and would recommend him to any one who needs any kind of computer repair or data recovery.

Contacted NBS via E-Mail. The tech called the same day. Setup appointment for the next day. Came on time (actually a bit early, but he called before to ensure it was OK). Very pleasant. Good conversationalist. Worked professionally.

Phan provided outstanding service. He was prompt, friendly and totally concerned with a satisfed customer.

Phan was the first responder in a week when other providers were saying they couldn’t get to us in days (because of this same virus). He came the next day and tried to repair the laptop in my home, but found it was going to have to be scrubbed — had to take it with him to repair. He returned it in working order two days later (as promised), and re-loaded software. He made sure we could use our billing/business software before he left, and that we were satisfied with the computer’s performance. Phan is personable, professional, and did a good job listening and explaining things at the level of understanding that I have. He also will admit if he isn’t familiar with something, and I find that refreshing. Overall, he accomplished for $300 what would have eaten up days of my billable time (not to mention the stress and frustration).

“NBS has helped us, as well as come to the rescue for a number of our clients, and we have received only rave reviews. I heartily recommend Phan and his team if you need help with your network, systems or security. I rarely hand recommendations, but if you need technical assistance or know of someone who may, call NBS today. They will get you squared away so you can get back to business immediately.” July 2, 2008

Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Expert

Paul M

hired Phan as a IT Consultant in 2007 , and hired Phan more than once

“NBS has been an important part of keeping our computers in our office running smoothly. Whenever we have needed his advice or time, he has been available. I would not hesitate to recommend his services.” July 2, 2008

Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Expert

Mary R

hired Phan as a IT Consultant in 2007 , and hired Phan more than once

“We have had Phan on retainer now for two years. He has done an excellent job maintaining all of our systems, from server to PC. He is normally very available and will respond quickly to our needs. As our IT infrastructure is critical to our daily needs, Phan keeps us in business! I recommend him highly as a business partner.” July 2, 2008

Top qualities: Personable , Expert , High Integrity


Jeff R
hired Phan as a IT Consultant in 2008