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About Us

We are a Charlotte based company that supports North and South Carolina. Our dedication is to improve the way our customers experience technology. We have been in business 14 years and have a A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. You are in good hands when you call us.

Mission Statement

NBS Technology, Inc’s mission is to serve homes, small and mid-size businesses with advanced network management and computer support with a focus on network stability, mobility and on time computer service to help improve the way you experience technology.

A Service Company

NBS has been serving small and mid-size businesses in the Charlotte Area since 1998. Our approach is unlike any other consulting firm because we’re not interested in just fixing a specific problem and moving on; we want to make sure that our clients are happy with the service we provide and build an ongoing business relationship.

Your Trusted Partner

We are here to partner with you, and to become your trusted advisor for all your technology needs. Just like having your own IT department – we work closely with your business to take care of your current concerns while planning for the future so you can stay ahead of your competition.

We don’t try to sell you products or services you don’t need; we are always looking for ways to maximize the return on your IT investment to enhance your company’s profit. We have a deeply committed support staff and highly qualified IT Managers who are eager to help, passionate about what we do and excited to learn how your business operates. We are here to find the best solutions to help your business run more efficiently and to make the work environment more pleasant and productive.

We Help You Grow Your Business.

Our company history is filled with story after story of customers who were overwhelmed and frustrated with their growing technology needs, and we came alongside them to take care of all their technology worries.

We have your best interests in mind, the desire to serve and the commitment to build a long term relationship with you. NBS Technology, Inc is committed to delivering quality, reliable technology services to businesses.

We Are Your Complete Technology Provider!